koeosaeme is Ryu Yoshizawa’s experimental AV performance & sound art project. 

The project pursues the fusion of program art and sound art through openFrameworks.

From 2004, the artist has been affiliated with the sound creator group “OFFICE INTENZIO” under YMO’s Yukihiro Takahashi. In addition, up until now, the artist has been in charge of live event backup support, recording, and manipulation for various people and events such as SKETCHSHOW, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi, Jazztronik, kyoka (raster-noton/onpa) “ufunfunfufu”, and Nobuko Hori “xtoyourmilkyhair”. 


Moreover, the artist has also done music production for image DVDs and TV commercials for companies such as Lotte and Square Enix.
In 2009, the artist’s work known as “zoo” was nominated at the J-WAVE radioSAKAMOTO Audition Corner and was highly praised by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
In 2014, the artist began working under the name koeosaeme.

The artist then performed at the RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY’s “Lost in Karaoke” as the experimental DJ unit known as “Absolutely Amateur”.
In 2015, the artist released EP “crypto” under Denryoku Label (JP).

The artwork was provided by Nobuko Hori, who has worked on promotional videos for artists such as Shugo Tokumaru, Midori Hirano, and Christopher Willits.
In addition, the artist participated in kaleidosoup (audio and visual performers’ festival) in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and received a lot of positive feedback.

koeosaemeはRyu Yoshizawaのビート&エクスペリメンタルミュージックプロジェクト。
2004年より、YMOの高橋幸宏率いるサウンドクリエイター集団OFFICE INTENZIOに所属し、これまでSKETCHSHOW、坂本龍一、高橋幸宏、pupa、Jazztronik、kyoka (raster-noton/onpa) “ufunfunfufu” 、Nobuko Hori “xtoyourmilkyhair”など数々のLiveサポート、レコーディング, マニュピレーションを担当。また、ロッテ、スクエア・エニックスなどのTVCM、新井美恵子のイメージDVDなどの楽曲制作を行う。
2009年には、J-WAVE radioSAKAMOTO Auditionコーナーにて作品”zoo”がノミネートされ、坂本龍一氏より賞賛の評価を受ける。
2014年フリーランスとしてkoeosaeme名義で活動を開始。また、Denryoku Label ファウンダーatnrとのエクスペリメンタルDJユニットAbsolutely Amateurとして RED BULL MUSIC ACADEMY主催のLost in Karaokeに出演。
2015年にはDenryoku Labelより1st EP “crypto”をリリース。そのアートワークをトクマルシューゴ、Midori Hirano 、Christopher Willits等のPVも手がけたNobuko Horiが提供した。